Nearly: close, almost. Translucent: clear, able to be seen through.  At the end of the day, life is almost clear.  You can almost see through a life.  You can read people.  You can break all the rules and write in second person.  You might even be able to see through that.  Wondering about a first blog.  Thinking of what a writer was thinking.  Starting a blog about being invisible.  Hoping to be seen.

Readers will see what they want.  Dissatisfied readers will not find ample satisfaction in the words.  There won’t be enough wit within the spaces.  Sufficiently amiable readers will find pleasure in the words.  In reading any words you find truths.  Only truths about yourself.  You are only able to read, speak, feel, understand, based on your own tiny vision of the world.

I implore you today – seek within yourself that which you do not think you can understand.  Find peace and make joy for those around you.  Get out of your head and spread love. Reflect and amplify the good you see, and create that which you don’t.  Most of all though, don’t allow those around you find themselves translucent in your eyes.


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