I hate that people are protesting so much.  Every chance they get they protest.  I hate the way the world is.

I don’t understand how this will help.

I want to bow out.

Everyone should have equal rights.  I should have a right to not get called names because of my values.  Why do I have to allow other people to live how they want, but they don’t have to allow me to live as I want.  I hate them a little.

You want to be gay.  I have to be ok with that.  I want to be straight.  You don’t have to be ok with that?

Really I want to be bisexual, but that is beside the point.

Whatever I want to be I can’t be it.  I am constrained by a society that allows you to choose your gender but not your race.

Our society respects anarchy, but not religion.  Our society respects abortion, but not suicide.  Our society is sick.

The double standard is impossible.

Don’t try.





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