I was attacked on the Internet today because I spoke out against the transgender curriculum.  The clueless fighter thought I had something against transgender people.

I don’t give a flying crap if you are transgender.  I’m sorry.  I just don’t!  If you want to tell me your story, great!  Otherwise?  I don’t care.

I don’t care a lot about people who aren’t in my immediate circle.

I do care about people’s rights in general.

What does that mean?  It means I couldn’t care less if you are gay, straight, bi, undecided, or flip-floppy.  It means I don’t give a hoot if you are black, white, brown, red, green, or somewhere in between.   Other classifications I don’t care about: lesbian, transgender, transexual, Christian, atheist, satanic, a whore, a prostitute, a victim, a vegetarian, an omnivore, or even a survivor.  I’ll do my best to not judge you for working in government.  I also couldn’t care less if you have a mental disorder, a physical deformity, a personality disorder treated or untreated.  Basically I DO NOT CARE ONE BIT what you are.  I care who you are.  Our society seems really confused, as if what you are and who you are are synonymous.  There is not a minor pedentically argued semantical difference! (between who and what)

Gay only says one thing about you.  All gay people are gay.

White only says one thing about you.  All white people: they’re white.

And you know what I know about all Jews?  They’re all Jewish!

All Asians?  They’re Asian.

I could go on.   Generalizations are our brains’ way of classifying information to make it easier to sort through.  Unfortunately many people in or society use a generalization to make a judgement – people seem to connect all the wrong things, or all the worst things.


I care who you are.  When you see garbage on the sidewalk, do you pick it up, or are you too good for that?  Do you pretend it isn’t your problem?  Do you have integrity?  Do you enjoy roses, or do you complain about thorns?  Do you plan your future, then fall and admit that you’re struggling?  Do you pretend to struggle with something similar to me, so I don’t feel so alone?  Do you tell me I’m pretty and admit when my butt looks big?  Do you remind me nicely that I’ve already had eight slices of pizza and nine might be a bit much?   Do you bring me ice cream when I’ve had an especially bad fight with the asshole?  Do you text me pictures of puppies in dandelion fields, followed by scary ass spiders just to be a jerk (and cause it’s funny)?

Oh yeah, did you notice that who you are relates directly to what you do?  I believe everyone has a good heart, but I don’t want to hang out with a loser who thinks their problems are so big they can never leave them behind for some laughter and watermelon.

So, if you can get a couple of my friendship needs met, and I can mutually meet a couple of yours, THEN, and only then, I care if you are **insert thing here**.  Then we can talk about the ‘hood that you grew up in, or what coming out parties were like back in the day.  And you can make fun of my weirdness, and I can make fun of your weirdness, and we can be buddies.  Otherwise?  “talk to the hand” 🙂

Don’t attack people on the Internet.

Don’t judge others.

Don’t be a moron.  Morons are stupid.

Mostly though: be kind.  No one, and I mean no one, creates painful circumstances, purposefully, in spite of a completely healthy solution which is both obvious and accessible to them.  Transgender people don’t wake up one morning and say “heyyyyy, I think I’m gonna go ahead and be a different gender, cause it sounds really fun to have a giant portion of the life I have created turned upside down, and I REALLY want to have to be relatively consistently asked what gender I am and I REALLY REALLY need attention so very bad that I am going to make this big, scary life altering decision just so everyone will pay attention to MMMEMEEEEEEEEEEEEE”.  Nope.  No one does that.  Not even the *gasp* gays!   I’m sure that some people do create circumstances for attention.  I’m sure people have pretended to be gay in some twisted way to get attention, but I can assure you that it wasn’t a calculated plan to gain their family’s good graces through a life altering decision.  Some people aren’t healthy and some of the things that people shouldn’t be judged for they have control over and could just *poof* fix them, if they’d just work a bit harder.  But: (newsflash #2) if they had the tools to “work a bit harder” don’t you think they would?????

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t cast stones.

The most judgmental people have had the fewest experiences.

Screw you bitchy online lady.  You don’t know shit.

Thanks blog.  I feel better now.  Maybe I can sleep.

Today’s lesson: Don’t judge.


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