My only hope of any kind of future is winning a lot of money.  As unlikely as it is a girl has to dream.  I need a dream right now because my reality is a heartbreaking.  (Ok it’s not that bad, no one is dying, but I may be homeless soon in spite of the fact that I am good at my job and pay my bills.  Circumstances outside my control make my future bleak at best.)

If I won a lot of money I’d probably be out of money in no time.

I couldn’t get the lump sum, even though I’ve heard that it amounts to more money, because people are greedy and I would never be able to set any aside and would never see the “more”.   Also I wouldn’t quit my job.  Other than the pay I really love my job.  I get to try to help people, and it is a nearly invisible profession.  If I won more than 100 million, I might splurge and work part time… 🙂

Anyhow.  I would put half into a savings account for myself every month.

The other half: I would:

  1. buy a house (I’d like a two story house, I love going up and down stairs.  I want it to have a laundry chute.  Maybe a garage.  I’d love to have solar panels.  Most importantly it needs to be on an acre or more.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, but I would really like a $300,000 house.  A house we could run and slide in our socks in.)
  2. pay off vehicles
  3. pay off student loans (what was I thinking?)
  4. start a second savings account for travel  (I really want to own a couple businesses in Mexico.  I’d also like to visit countries in Africa and Europe and have recently become interested in China or India.  I am sure that would take a few years, at least, but I’ve got plenty of time.)
  5. buy clothing (maybe $30 a month, it would be so nice…)
  6. Spend a full $1000 a month on food, I’d buy the stuff to make salads and smoothies with all the ingredients.  No more milk and frozen strawberry smoothies… I could put fresh spinach in there!  (I have lots of kids, they eat a lot and this is not a ton of money if you have ever been in a grocery store where I live.)
  7. Give my parents $100,000.  I’d probably give them more if they needed it and I could, but they said that I suck with money and that’s all they’d give me so… You know, turnabout is fair play! 😉
  8. I would buy an apartment building and let people live there free IF and only if they met certain criteria (i.e. drug free, taking counseling in an area of need like financial or mental, active, working toward getting a better job or paying off debt)
  9. If I did quit my job it would be to work for the government.  I would learn to be great with money so that wouldn’t be an issue.  I would advocate for better laws.  Obviously our criminal justice system is broken.  Schools are broken.  The government is broken.  Money is broken.  Families are broken.
  10. I would serve others with my time still.  Some of the broken is because everyone is obsessed with screens.  I would be an example of not having screens.

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  1. I’m not sure this completely paints a picture of my dream. I dream of justice and freedom. I dream of equality and justice. I think I will solve world problems. I just have to get my head removed from my ass, and I can’t seem to figure out how to get that done. I think I need therapy. But, the lottery would be a good substitute for therapy. I could pretend, for a moment anyway, that I’m not totally unhappy. I could pretend for a moment that I had made good choices in life. I could have something pay off. Nothing ever will though, because I will not win the lottery. It is impossible to win. Someone like me would never win anyway. And no one will ever give me money. I am to selfish.

    I know I sound selfish, but here that I what I speak of. For now. I will study the things herein and develop better global perspective. I will become the kind of powerhouse that gets her needs met. I will become assertive and happy. I know I can.


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